Our Story:

Through a friend in Milano, Alessio and Ashwath met by chance to work on the photography of a concept men's store in India.  Their first collaboration together was in Napoli and they have been working together ever since.  Their common love for tailoring, dolce and Corbusier has led them to work on numerous projects together.  India being a very new field for them is very interesting in terms of its diverse sense of taste and style.  Together they hope to infuse their love for beauty and beautiful objects into new projects in Italy and the world over. 

Volo | 681 creative studio

- Chennai-


Alessio Comall - Creative Director & Photographer


Alessio has been working in the creative industry since he was 15 years old.  Photography that started as a hobby eventually consumed him and he has since devoted his life towards it.  Ale started his career in Armani Parfum and then Lanvin and then moved on to work in retail for Dolce Gabbana.  After his stint at Romeo Gigli he went into working with graphics full time.  This is when he started being truly inspired by the work of artisans and this turned his passion into his job.  Alessio specialises in working with artisans and he loves bringing to life the creation of a person through his expression, be it through illustrations, graphics, photography, words in other words, simply his passion.  His love for Italian tailoring, especially of the school of tailors from Napoli's Quartiere Espagnol, has led him to work with magazines like Bespoke and Monsieur on a regular basis.  This passion for " fatto a mano " led him to meet some of the best shoe makers in Italy as well.  Alessio works in Europe and his passion for all the craze and simplicity of life in Varanasi also keeps him going back to india.

Ashwath Choyi Naroth - Director & Chief Strategist - 


If Alessio is a helium filled balloon, Ash is the rope that keeps him grounded.  After attending EMLYON for a masters in Luxury Management and Marketing, Ash proceeded to work in a luxury consulting and distribution company in Paris.  He gained first hand experience in working with some very niche japanese "papetrie" brands who were looking to enter the french market.  Along with preparing collections for departments of the Japanese retailer United Arrows and organising distribution for Japanese bag maker Yoshida Porter and co. he had a very in-depth look into both european and japanese branding.  After his stint in paris, he moved to Italy to work under the classic menswear designer of Yves Saint Laurent, and then Cantarelli, a jacket manufacture based out of Arezzo.  Having the opportunity to work with many artisanal ateliers in Italy turned out to be an incredible experience in terms of taste and understanding of a very different dimension of style.